Do you speak... music?

Research and experience show that language and music support each other and promote motivation through the development of skills and understanding. Listening, perceiving, imitating, and creating are basic skills in both language and music.

The goal of the Comenius Project “European Music Portfolio: A Creative Way into Languages” is to integrate musical activities into primary foreign language education. Musical activities and games pre-dispose young learners to engage in enjoyable repetition which can enhance memory for the sounds and structures of new languages. This learning approach can reduce language barriers and help social integration. It can also nurture self-confidence and self-expression and improve intercultural understanding.

The project was finalized in 2012. For further collaboration please contact directly the partners listet. From Switzerland und UK we are not able to start new Erasmus+Projects – but we can participate as a associated country and we would be very pleased to support next steps foreward to a more integrated education.

Inspired by the work on EMP-Languages and EMP-Maths and in collaboration with 18 autors we are happy to share the following publication:

Integrated Music Education - Challenges of Teaching and Teacher Training
Markus Cslovjecsek, Madeleine Zulauf (eds.)

Peter Lang Publishers, Bern, Berlin, Bruxelles, New York, Oxford, Warszawa, Wien, 2018
418 pp., 29 fig. b/w, 2 tables

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